Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Big Green Monster

Go Away, Big Green Monster!
By: Ed Emberly

That great picture book turned I mentioned last week turned out to be not so great afterall, so (sigh) I am going to write about an old favorite instead. Yea! We love Go Away, Big Green Monster!by Ed Emberly! This author has some really fun toddler and preschool books, and this is one of our favorites! My first three children completely wore this book to pieces, so now we have a new one for our baby because it would be a shame to be without!

What exactly does a big green monster include? Well, in this book he starts with two big yellow eyes, followed by scraggly purple hair...and piece by piece a big green monster comes to be. But since he doesn't scare us, we get to take him back apart piece by piece as well! Bright cutouts under black paper make this book fun for older babies and young children to look at. (adults too!) Really, this book could be considered a classic --at least at our house. Check out these books by the same author: Bye-Bye, Big Bad Bullybug! and Glad Monster, Sad Monster. I would like to own these also!

It never hurts to follow up with a few activities when you have the chance. I would like to try some of these sometime, just for fun!


bon said...

My BGM and GM,SM are both TOAST! Looks like I need to get some new copies. These books rock!

me said...

That is one of my all time favorites!

thecapedhappyender said...

I have this story in flannel and it is a favorite. It is a great story to be able to manipulate. I better practive the piano with my son now.