Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Things that are Most in the World

Things That Are Most in the World
Written by: Jodi Barrett
Illustrated by: John Nickle

Upon reading the title Things That Are Most in the World, I was led to thoughts of a non-fiction book full of fascinating facts. This book is a far cry from that! In what appears to be true to the author Jodi Barrett's style, this book contains the silly, unbelievable, whimsical situations that could only occur in fiction! The text relies on the ending "est", with each page containing something that is the most --using the est ending. What is the hottest thing you can think of? Barrett is sure it is a fire-breathing dragon eating pepperoni (pictured on the cover), and indeed that sounds and looks hot, hot, hot! What about the silliest, or the highest? The stickiest?

When used as a read-aloud this book begs for conversation, not only about the authors crazy ideas (including a giant wad of bubble gum as the stickiest!) but about you and your child's own ideas of what is most. Endless extensions of this book are possible --from simply thinking through things that are the most, to finding real things that are the most, to writing your own book with either or both! The very last page of this book pleased me, as it is meant to be photocopied and filled with your child's very own "est" word, sentence and illustration! I recommend you get reading and thinking, because this book is one of the silliest I've found!

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Billy said...

Sounds good. I can't come up with an est this early! Thanks.