Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Hello, Goodbye Window

Written by: Norton Juster
Illustrated by Chris Raschka

Many fortunate children have fond memories of grandparents, like my children do. In our life grandparent's have a special way with our children and they are very important friends and teachers to them as well. In another favorite book, The Hello, Goodbye Window, a little girl's grandparents are just as special to her. This book is sweet and meaningful to parents, and children enjoy it too! The little girl in the story tells all about her special sweet Nanny and Poppy, who are of course perfect in every way. Author Norton Juster speaks with the humor we often enjoy in listening to real little children. My favorite little kid line is this, " When I get tired I come in and take my nap and nothing happens until I get up." Ha! In describing things the little girl does with her grandparents, Juster ties it all together with the special place for saying both hello and goodbye --at the Hello, Goodbye Window. Also worth mentioning, this book is a Caldecott winner! The pictures are very modern and unusual, and when my son was young he didn't care for them! However, they are lovely, colorful and different, which are all good things for children. This book is a perfect read for kids who have grandparents, or those who wish they did.


thecapedhappyender said...

I love this book so much I bought it for my mother-in-law. I was introduced to it by you. Thank you for all your book suggestion - you have imaculate taste in children's literature and art.

Thank You,

thecapedhappyender said...

Oh, thank you for the additional side titles as well. Right this very minute we have hold of There's a Wolf at My Door, If You Give a Cat a Cupcake, and Bats at the Library. Wonderful books worth raving about. Thank you ever so much.

Nancy Arruda said...

I love this book! I'm always afraid that books that are a little older will disappear but I hope this will stay in every child's library. You will also like Sweetie Pie and Sour Puss by the same team : )

kanishk said...

you have imaculate taste in children's literature and art.

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