Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Dragons Are Singing Tonight

The Dragons Are Singing Tonight
Written by: Jack Prelutsky
Illustrated by: Peter Sis

One of my sons and I really like picture book dragons. What's not to like about breathing fire? I have some favorite dragon books, like George the Dragon, and Herbert The Timid Dragon. I have run across some slightly odd dragon stories, like Hush, Little Dragon. (I had to read that book twice in a row I was so taken aback!) The Dragons Are Singing Tonight is different from the rest as it's a book of poems about dragons. I was thrilled to find this in my tiny rural library just down the road. This lovely little library appears to have about 10 poetry books, and this happens to be one of them, whichI think speaks well of the book. The poetry in The Dragons Are Singing Tonightis written by poetry man Jack Prelutsky himself. The illustrations by Peter Sis are very worthy, as you can see by the cover. I think you'll like this one whether you are a dragon-lover, poetry-lover, or neither!


Nancy Arruda said...

Happy New Year Lindsay! Poetry about dragons seems like fun reading and Peter Sis is an amazing illustrator. He is also a filmmaker and some of his film work is in the collection of the MOMA in NY

Lindsay said...

Really (sheepishly)?! I am not too surprised because his illustrations really make the book! They are incredible! He style really works well with these poems and I would like to see more of his work. Thanks for chiming in with that Nancy--it's so much more fun when you know these things!