Tuesday, August 19, 2008

If I Built a Car by Chris Van Dusen

If there is a book for a boy who likes gadgets and gizmos, this is it. As if his dad's cute car isn't enough, the little boy in this book studies out and creates his own fantastical car. Inside this car you can snack or swim, and not only that but it smells great too. The rhyming verse the author uses adds to the fun, and happily this is the kind of book kids will want to read over and over, as both the pictures and story are brimming with imaginative detail. Although my daughter loves this book too, I feel confident it's a book that especially any little boy could love.

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Mr. Dad said...

We actually have a car very similar to this one! If you were to see it you could tell that our kids have definitely snacked in it. They use the windshield as a waterslide. I guess the smell is for you to judge, but as to me I think it stinketh not!