Tuesday, March 9, 2010

When Winter Comes (again!)

When Winter Comes
Written by Nancy Van Laan
Illustrated by Susan Gaber

Yesterday was spring, today it is winter again. Such it is this time of year! On especially snowy days, like today, I like to pull out the winter books and get reading. When Winter Comes is a snowy story and also one of the books I asked for and received for Christmas because I love it so!

In Nancy Van Laan's simple and sweet story a dear family goes out for a walk in the winter and on their way they discover what happens in nature during winter time. Starting with the leaves on the trees, and moving from small to big animals, and even fish, the author uses repetitive question for each item, "Where oh where do the ______ go when winter comes and the cold winds blow?"

Next of course you here the answer, in rhyming verse to boot. To wrap up the story, the little girl is the final creature, who rests in her bed on an winter evening. This book is simple, with basic concepts, similar to those in Time to Sleep , by Denise Fleming, which would be a great companion book!

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thecapedhappyender said...

Oh, I need to take advantage of this cold weather and wrap up in a book. I long for spring (but not necessarily all the extra work spring brings - good and bad). This book looks and sounds like a good one. I will look for it. I look for all your books, you know, and find you to be a very good children's book recommender. I can't find the Peepers book and I am so disapointed. Perhaps it is interlibrary loan time. And we stumbled on the Brail book, the black book, a few months ago and I love it and found unique enjoyment in it's pages. Thank you, again.

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