Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Princess Peepers

Written by:Pam Culvert
Illustrated by: Tuesday Mourning

Oh the princess rage! My daughter has fallen victim to the princess storm. Has yours?

Princess Peepers is a darling book about princesses, suitable for all princess lovers, spectacle-wearing or not. Princess Peepers is a sweet princess who has some very stunning glasses, and she is quite okay with that, until other princesses aren't. Because of this she decided to get rid of them, and she falls into some trouble. Fortunately she also falls into something else, which of course turns out happily ever after (and she's back to wearing glasses of course)!

The pictures in this book are darling and very worthy for your little princess to study. I love the glasses and the gowns (I admit to being half-princess myself!) Illustrator Tuesday Mourning, besides having the coolest name, also has an etsy shop! It is fun to note that author Pam Culvert has had plenty of experience with peepers, as she wore glasses as a child herself and inspired her story.

We enjoy this as a very girlie read at our house and I hope you do too!


thecapedhappyender said...

TUESDAY STORY IS BACK! HORRAY!! i think people at my house will LOVE this story. It looks like a must. And I will admit to having young boys curiously interested in the princess and fancy books I read to my daughter.


Corey Schwartz said...

Yes, this one is very cute. We have it our house too.

kanishk said...

i like this story

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