Tuesday, February 23, 2010


By: Anne Cottringer
Illustrated by: Gillian McClure

Bruna is a delightful read about a little girl who is cold, cold, cold. Traveling far and wide, eating hot curry and cinnamon candy, soaking up sun, she can't seem to get warm. Then one day her help is required to save a bear who is unable to swim, whose name turns out to be Ursa. In an effort to help Ursa dry off and get warm, Bruna is finally able to warm up herself. This book is a gentle read with beautiful and soothing watercolor illustrations in sea greens, golds, and coral pinks. There is a deeper meaning to be puzzled out, and it is a delight to help children discover it. Do you feel warm when you help someone else? When you are lonely, do you feel cold? Of course. This is a book from the library that my four year old daughter enjoys returning to--one that never gets old, and the comprehension grows with her age and my prodding. To see more pictures search inside this book at amazon. I love those colors!

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