Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bats at the Library
Written and Illustrated by Brian Lies
Do you ever wonder what bats do at night? I mean really? Well, if they're lucky they get to visit the library! The adorable (yes, adorable!) bats in this book are lucky enough to find an open window at the library one night. Once inside they use the copy machine, find games to play, look at study guides, and finally when they settle down to read they very much enjoy themselves. Immersed in classic stories you will recognize, the bats have a very unique perspective!

The illustrations in this book are gorgeous --believable but playful. This book passes the 6-year- old-little-boy-who's-getting-quite-picky-about-picture-books test. :) Afterall, there are bats! If you like this book you may want to read Bats at the Beach, written by the same author.

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thecapedhappyender said...


I have seen the librarian's display this book often and have never picked it up. I assumed it was the library setting which distinguished this books from the rest of the shelved books and didn't give it additional attention. Now I will. Things you said about this book makes me want to read it (it passes the 6-year-old-picky-picture-book test)and I want to see playful and adorable bats too. Thanks again.

Missing our weekly trip to the library,