Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Frog Thing

A Frog Thing (with Audio CD)
A book and audio CD by Erich Drachman
illustrated by James Muscarello

We all want our kids to be confident, brave, and to feel they can do anything, and perhaps part of the joy and magic of being a parent is often times believing this child you love really can do anything! Well, Frank the frog's parents are just the same. Except that they come to a moment where they realize that everyone has limits. Afterall, frogs don't fly. However Frank is just sure this is what he wants to do. And how do your break it to your frog-son that frogs just really don't fly? At times we all fail to understand our own dreams and perhaps even more often than not, our dreams turn out a little differently than we imagined. But perhaps just as nice. So it is for Frank.

The audio CD of this story by author Eric Drachman is very well done. In fact, when I read this book aloud I often hear the author's voice under mine. What can be more magical and telling than having the author read his own book just the way he intended? Well, it is insightful at times. I love the soft and appropriate watercolor-type illustrations in this book, which seem to fit right in with not only the setting but the theme of this story. And did you know how much expression a frog can show? Well, artist James Muscarello does.

Have you had the chance to let your child enjoy book-on-CDs yet? If you have then you know the magic. If not, I encourage you! Books read this way are a whole new experience for children, and one more point can be chalked up to the quest for the love and appreciation of literacy. We love books on CD, but especially in the car and during long hot lazy (no homework involved) summer days. My kids and I love this book. To us, A Frog Thing is a good thing.

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Kim Baise said...

I haven't tried books on cd yet, but this looks like a good one....and since we'll be moving out to California this summer, I will need to prepare my kids for the long trip. Books on cd! Yay!!!