Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Christmas books I'd like to read, or the woes of not having a large book store nearby:

A Pirate's Night Before Christmas

A New Improved Santa

The Night Before Christmas: Tenth Anniversary Edition

Claude the Dog: A Christmas Story

Drummer Boy
Mary Engelbreit's The Night Before Christmas
Has anybody read these? Loved them?

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happyender said...

The New Improved Santa - a Klark favorite. One of my favorite things about Klark's new teacher is that she allows each child to choose an "overnight book" at the end of the school day for them to read and return the next day. Because of this, we get to enjoy her collection of books as well. Klark has told me about a book that he has been trying desperately to get ahold of, but for so long it has always been selected by a classmate before he had a chance to snatch it. Finally, his turn came and he brought home: The New and Improved Santa. We had to return it the next day so we had to read it at least six times that night. There are great vocabulary words, it sparks great imagination, and the boys thought it was very funny. He is trying to get another turn with that book before Christmas break.