Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon

Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon
Written by Patty Lovell
Illustrated by: David Catrow

This week I have a guest post from a brilliant mother, writer, and reader-friend of mine, ShaLisa. She gave this book as a gift to me once, and now it's a favorite of mine. Enjoy!

The first time I read this story to my children, the book seemed only to have inspired them to see exactly how many pennies they could balance on their teeth. However, the message of the book is much greater than this balancing skill which it invited, and with repeated readings, my children understand a little more each time, how anybody, including themselves can be proud of who they are --just the way they are.

Molly Lou Melon stood just taller than her dog and was the recipient of loving advice from a loving grandmother who, you will discover when you look at the last page, learned a valuable lesson in life to share with her Molly. Even when faced with the challenge of moving to a new school, Molly stood tall.

The illustrations are delightful, my favorite being the friend pictured on a couple of the pages, with awed eyes and sweet admiration. A child will be blessed to learn the same lesson as Molly Lou Melon. Molly, with buck teeth and big beautiful eyes, set out to make the world better for having lived in it. And so she did.

If you like this book, try I Like Myself! by Karen Beaumont, illustrated by David Catrow.


Me said...

I love this book! My niece and I read it all the time at my mom's house.

bon said...

Eeeee! The Chaos LOVE this book, but have never actually tried to balance pennies on their teeth. They have a mama who is DEATH on pennies anywhere near mouths, go figure, right?

Lindsay said...

Hmmm, can't imagine why YOU would be nervous! :)

caribookscoops said...

I love this book. I had forgotten about it and now I will need to go and read it again. Thanks!