Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Hoodwinked, written and illustrated by Arthur Howard, is full of kid appeal. The story features Mitzi, a small red-haired witch, who likes everything to be creepy. She prefers creepy breakfast cereal, creepy slippers, creepy relatives, and now she is searching for a really creepy pet. The lady at the creepy pet store, (who has long blue teeth!) tries several times to please Mitzi, but some pets are too buggy, some are too batty, and some Mitzi decides just need some thinking over. What to do? Mitzi's new pet practically comes knocking on her front door, but is it creepy enough?

Mitzi reminds me an awful lot of my children, who only think they like all things creepy. This creepy-loving, small and freckled, red-headed witch is anything but creepy, which makes the illustrations perfect for young children. My three year old daughter really enjoys this book, but even as uncreepy as it really is, for younger kids it's best read in the daylight, because according to my daughter, nightlight shadows have a tendency to become a little creepy otherwise.


happyender said...

This story looks cute. I have it on hold. How come I can no longer find Mercy Watson's book on your site? After a period of time, are books taken off? I wanted to say that I love the repeated character profiles in Mercy Watson's books such as the police man who always asks a questions and then answers it himself and, of course, the memorable Licoln sisters. They are personalities we remember. And every time we finish the book, my children think we must go to the kitchen for a peice of toast with a great deal of butter on it. Thank you for introducing this series to our family.

Lindsay said...

Thanks for calling Mercy Watson's disappearance to my attention. I must have edited the post and not republished it! I've republished Mercy Watson in the original spot.

I hope you find Hoodwinked a fun Halloween book!