Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Emma Kate

In Emma Kate, a little girl and an elephant are the best of friends. They go to school together, eat lunch together, and most importantly reads books together. Then, at the end of the day, the two say a sweet goodnight to Mom and Dad.

Does anyone else like Patricia Polacco? I do. Patricia has a very original style of illustrating, and once you are familiar with one or two of her books, they are easy to pick out as well as fun. I have not read all of Polacco's many books, but so far, this is my favorite. Elephants are heavy, and wrinkly, and they have long eyelashes --all fun things to notice with your child when viewing these excellent illustrations.

My three year old daughter and I really enjoy reading Emma Kate together. I began wondering if this story might have her thinking a little, when after a few reads she began asking what the little girl's name was. We know that the mom calls her daughter sweet pea at bedtime, just the same as my daughter. But the elephant is of course Emma Kate. Or is it? It might take a while for a child to catch this! This book is worth rereading to find new details in the pictures, but Emma Kate is still short, sweet, and one to smile through together.

To enjoy some Emma Kate printables, see Patricia Polacco's website here.


Shaun & Michelle said...

Hey Lindsay! Yes Tuacahn is great, we had so much fun! Hey will you let me know if you are receiving these messages? I never know if I am doing it right! Talk to ya later!

Lindsay said...


Sorry--yes, I am receiving your messages, thank you! Will you email me at atuesdaystory@gmail.com? I will send you those nursery pix I promised back to your address. :) I think I finally got it figured out!