Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Dragon Snatcher

The next time you are at the library, notice how many cute animal picture books there are. There are many, and my six-year old no longer approves of them! In order to persuade him that he really is not done with picture books (especially for independent reading) I have been searching for picture books that appeal to him. These would include anything with adventure, fantasy, or a hero (and no cute dogs or cats to speak of). I have found a few of these books, and hope to find a few more! The Dragon Snatcher,by M.P. Robertson, is a book all three of my children love and approve of. At times I would like to have seen this story expanded a bit, even with just another sentence or two, but I think the fact that it is simple and short is part of what makes it special.

George loves to read, and one night as he is nestled in bed with a pile of books, his dragon wakens him from outside the window with a worried look. That night they go on a journey and discover a bad wizard with a bad plan. They takes strides to stop him, but something surprising happens to save the day for dragons everywhere, as well as the wizard's icy heart.

This book is written simply, but feels like a true fantasy book. The storyline is interesting, but the illustrations are incredible. Together the combination is absolutely winning for my little people.

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